January perfume favourites

Hey Bloggers!

How are you?

Today I thought I’d share my 3 fav perfumes or body mists that I have been using this month.

1~ Zoella beauty Botanic’eau body mist

This scent smells so fresh and beautiful.

2~ Zoella Let’s Spritz! Body mist.

This scent smells sweet and girly but not over powering sweet.

3~ Ariana Grande Cloud perfume which is also another really pretty scent that I love.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, comment on what your favourite perfumes are, I would really like to know!

Love, Emily X

Zoella products.

Hey Bloggers! Today I’m going to show you a few of the Zoella products that I received for my Birthday almost 2 weeks ago.

So the first thing that I received was a Zoella T-shirt that I absolutely love so much and love wearing. dscf0090The second thing that I received was a Zoella pillow case that is also one of my favourites.

dscf0089And lastly I received Zoellas new book called Girl Online ‘Going Solo’ I also received a book called FanGirl which is not by Zoella but I’ve been told that its something similar to Girl Online and that it is also a really good book to read, but I haven’t read it yet so if anyone has read this book please comment and let me know if you thought it was like girl online and if it is a good book or not. I also received a kitten book mark with the FanGirl book which I love because the kitten is similar to my little kitten Catsby.


Thankyou for reading! Sorry that this Blog is a bit small, and also it was my first time using my new camera that I got for Christmas, hopefully I get better at using my camera and the images improve. And feel free to give me feedback, I would really appreciate it.

Love Emily xo

Blogmas 11 buying Zoella products!!

Hey Bloggers!

So today I went shopping with my sister and my niece and I met up with a friend too which was great because I hadn’t seen her in so long, and I went and purchased a few more Christmas decorations too. And I also went to target and I came across some Zoella beauty products. I was so happy and I decided to buy the whole range that was at the shop, there wasn’t a lot there but I was super happy of what I was able to buy.  Im really happy with the hand creams they smell beautiful and I also love the way Zoe made the soap look like a ice cream it looks so pretty and I love every item very very much.

Whats your favourite Zoella purchase? I had a big think about it and I seriously can’t choose, they are all just perfect! 

I also bought a tiny christmas tree to sit in my room, I even put some mini balls on it to make it look more festive.

After a great day shopping I went home an played sims 4 and I had a nice relaxing afternoon.

It was a very short blog but I hope you enjoyed it.

Love Emily X