Items I got for when I move into my own house.


Hey Bloggers! I thought it would be a good idea to do a blog about things that I have purchased for when I move out of home. So I’m 17 now and for the past year I have been buying little things for when I move out of home so I’m nice and prepared for when I get a home of my own. I’m not sure about some 17 year olds but for me I just can’t wait to move out of home and have my own independence, and designing a house of my own. And for me buying things for the house doesn’t have to be expensive. I just buy things that I think that would look great for my own home.

So the first thing I’m showing is a set of 2 Cup and saucer. Now I received this as a present but I have seen them at K-mart and I know that they are quiet inexpensive I think that they are no more than 15 dollars. I just love drinking tea, and I thought they looked pretty cute, so I think this would be great for my new home.dscf0092Secondly I bought a bath mat that is a picture of a reindeer. I thought this was cute and festive for my first Christmas in my new home. I bought this in the boxing day sales at k-mart and they were super cheap and I think it was roughly 5 dollars.dscf0093The next thing that I purchased was some baking goods. I got these from my sister and I’m really happy with the colour of them. They really do inspire me in baking very soon.

The next thing that I purchased was some dipped mugs. I really love these and they come in a pack of four and they are really cheap. I’m really excited in having these in my new home.dscf0110The next thing I have are these cute festive tea towels, I got these on the boxing day sale for only a couple of dollars and I love them and I cant wait to use them next Christmas.dscf0113The next thing I have is these cool mugs, I also purchased these at K mart for like a couple of dollars each and I think they look good because I love the patterns.

The next things I have are these place mats. Now I have these cute Marble place mats and I also have these nice festive ones for when next Christmas comes around. I think the marble ones will last long in my new home because they are something that I really like.

The next thing I have is these 3 in 1 lolly/cookie jar. I don’t know if I will use these for food though. I’m thinking about using this to organise some of my makeup and makeup brushes.(sorry about the awful quality of this image).dscf0102The next thing I have is this cute sugar pot, I think this will look great In the new home and it will also match the dipped coloured mugs too.dscf0108The next thing I have is some towels for my new home. I like the look of grey. And they come with a towel and a hand towel and a face washer. These were a bargain from Coles supermarket, only costing five dollars.dscf0117The last thing I got is a jewellery box from Kmart for like 10 dollars and it is super nice and I’m thinking about using this before I move out because it is super cute and I love it so much! (I couldn’t get a decent photo of it though because the lighting in my room was really crappy unfortunately).

Anyways I do have other things for my new house too but they are at my boyfriends house so I was unable to take photos and blog about them. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the blog and feel free to give me some feed back!

Love Emily xo