Gift ideas for kids| Blogmas day 16

Hey šŸ‘‹

I thought I’d share some gift ideas on what to get kids for Christmas.


– latest toys that are in like LOL Dolls.

– scooter

– bike

– book

– teddy

– barbies

– doll house

– dollies

– slime

– rollerblades

– I definitely recommend wooden toys, they are better condition toys and they last longer. Especially for younger kids too.


– books

– scooter

– rollerblades

– skate board

– bike

– slime

– teddy

– wooden toys

– toy cars

I hope this has helped someone.

Emily X

Gift ideas for her| Blogmas day 15

Hey šŸ‘‹

I thought I’d share some ideas on what gifts you can get for your Mum, sister, cousin or aunt or whoever.

– perfume

– jewellery

– book

– makeup

– nail polish

– chocolate

– hair scrunches or any hair accessories.

– wine or fave alcohol if they drink.

– bath bombs.


– candle melts.

I hope this has helped someone.

Emily X

Gift ideas for him| Blogmas day 14

Hey šŸ‘‹

I thought I’d share some ideas on what you can get your boyfriend or your brother or your dad or grandad or anyone that is a male.

– deodorant / aftershave

– tools

– plants ( I know my great grandad would like plants)


– can holder ( in Australia we call it a stubby holder)

– shot glasses or alcohol if they drink.

– men jewellery

– watch

– wallet

I hope this may have been helpful.

Emily X

Christmas wish list| Blogmas day 12

Hey šŸ‘‹

I thought I’d share my Christmas wish list:

– Nintendo games

– clothes vouchers or any vouchers

– board games

– stuff for the house

– maybe a laptop as a joined Christmas and birthday present from more than 1 person because I know how expensive they are

– perfume

– pandora beads

I hope you enjoyed my blog.

Emily X

Christmas Blogmas ideas| Blogmas day 11

Hey šŸ‘‹

I thought I’d share some blog ideas when doing Blogmas because it can get overwhelming trying to think of Christmas blog ideas.

Now I’ve wrote my list of blog ideas that I’m going to do for the rest of the year, I thought I’d share some of my ideas with you.

-first blog idea, write a blog idea blog. Now that’s a little bit of a tongue twister.

– Christmas wish list

– Christmas book you have read

– holiday traditions

– gift ideas for him/ her or kids.

– fake vs real Christmas tree

– Christmas makeup ideas

– baking blogs

– giving to others that need it.

– fav thing about Blogmas

– what I’m wearing on Christmas and Boxing Day

Here is just a few little ideas, I hope you enjoyed my blog.

Emily X

My 5 favourite things about Christmas| Blogmas day 9

Hey šŸ‘‹

I thought I’d share my favourite things about Christmas.

-Christmas Lunch:

I just love a good Christmas Ham and roasted veggies and I love Christmas desserts. I’m such a sweet tooth and I love baking so I love being in the kitchen baking Christmas desserts.

– Family:

I love getting with my family and spending time with family all together, it’s great where there is a day where all the family can get together and just have a good chat with your family members.

– Carols:

I love Christmas music I wish I could listen to it all year round. I just love it!

– Watching people open there gifts you gave them:

I love watching people be happy with the gifts you have given them. It really makes you feel happy inside.

-Christmas movies/ Christmas lights:

I couldn’t decide wether Christmas movies or Christmas lights should go in my top 5 so I put them both in. I love both of them very much.

I hope you enjoyed my blog.

Emily X

My favourite Christmas songs| Blogmas day 8

Hey šŸ‘‹

Today I thought I’d share my favourite Christmas songs to jam out in the car to.

I got the 2016 “So fresh” CD and the “Now Xmas” 2016 CD and I’ve had them since 2016 but I love listening to the same Christmas cds every year.

And my favourite songs to listen to on the cds are:

– All I want for Christmas is you by Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey.

– Do they know it’s Christmas? By Band Aid.

– Santa tell me by Ariana Grande

– Santa Claus is comin’ to town by Miley Cyrus.

– My favourite things by Kelly Clarkson

I hope you enjoyed my blog

Emily X

My favourite Christmas Vloggers| Blogmas day 6

Hey šŸ‘‹

I love this time of year when I can bing watch old vlogmas videos and watch new vlogmas videos. And I thought I’d share who my favourite youtubers are when it comes to vlogmas!

1# Zoe Sugg also known as Zoella.

I love her vlogmas videos, they are my all time favourite. And I also love her vlogmas intros, I get excited every year to see her new vlogmas intro.

2# Alfie Deyes.

Alfie is Zoe’s boyfriend, he also makes great YouTube videos.

3# Mark Ferris

Mark Is awesome, he’s such a genuine funny guy, he is also friends with Zoe and Alfie which is great because a video with all three of them together is just the best Christmas blog.

4# Anastasia Kingsnorth:

I love watching Anna’s vlogmas videos. She’s got a gorgeous little brother named Atticus, and a beautiful Mum and I just love watching Anna’s vlogs when there all together. Anna is definitely one of my top 5 Youtubers.

5# Saffron Barker: I love watching Saffron’s videos and I love when she does her Christmas 24 hour challenge videos. And Christmas vlogs.

These are my top 5 favourite YouTubers who create vlogmas videos. I hope you enjoyed my blog. I have so many favourite YouTubers but I thought I’d narrow it down to 5.

Emily X