Favourite thing about last Christmas| Blogmas day 5

Hey 👋

I thought I’d share what my favourite memory from last years Christmas was.

Last December I went to Queensland and went to movie world with my boyfriend and we had heaps of fun and I thought I’d share some photos from last year.

– This was the amazing Christmas tree that was at movie world.

Here was a photo of the entrance:

And here is a photo of the beginning of the parade:

I hope you enjoyed my blog.

Emily X

Blogmas day 8 NYX Advent Calander ❤️

Hey Beauties!

Today I thought I would share my thoughts on the NYX advent calander, and some of my favourite colours I have got so fare!

So to begin with I will share one of my favourite lipglosses it’s the NYX Lingerie lipgloss and it is a pretty colour and it applies on very nicely.

The next lipgloss I like is the Matte red lipstick, it applies on so well and is such a nice colour for Christmas.

The next lipgloss I like out of the NYX advent calander is this Intense Butter Gloss it’s such a bright colour but i think it’s a very pretty colour too.

The next lipstick I got was the simply vamp lip pencil stick, I thinks it’s one of my favourite colours but a pain to apply, I find that it comes off fare to often and I need to keep reapplying throughout the day.

And there just a few out of my advent calander, if you enjoyed this blog I will post more in detail with me wearing a few of the colour lipsticks or I will make a blog about another beauty advent calander that I have.

I hope you enjoyed the blog.

Love Emily X

Blogmas 6 7 8 9 and 10 

Blogmas 6 Christmas movies.

So on the 6 th I decided to purchase some Christmas movies to watch this Christmas. I haven’t watched these movies yet but im very excited to be watching them. Let me know if you have watched any of these movies and if there any good or not. Ill show a picture of them bellow.


Blogmas 7 Relaxing day and purchasing an X box. 

So on the seventh of December I decided to have a relaxing day with my boyfriend as he was going away on a holiday the next day for nine days which means I was unable to see him for a little while, so I thought it would be great just to have a relaxing day with him before he went away on his holiday. My boyfriend and I also decided to go shopping and I decided to buy an X box. It was pretty cheap and it came with 3 games and a movie so it was a great purchase. I didnt do anything else that day other than spend time with my boyfriend and setting up the X box.  

Blogmas day 8 saying bye to my boyfriend and Buying a laptop and the sims!!

So on the 8th of December I decided to go and buy a laptop and buy the Sims four. It was also the day I had to say bye to my boyfriend while he went on his holiday. This is what the Sims four looks like, and let me know if the game is any good because Ive never played it before.

Blogmas day 9

Today after work I decided to go shopping (ive been doing that a lot lately) and I bought a colette hayman bag which if you dont know what kind of bag brand it is, it is a shop that sells really nice expensive looking bags for cheap. I got this draw string bag i think you would call it and i got a coin purse for half price too. I was very happy with my purchase, i will have to do a blog on some of the things ive been purchasing lately because i have spent a quiet a bit this week. And Just Jeans also had a sale so it was 2 pairs of jeans for 60 dollars which i thoughtbwas a pretty good deal aswell. Anyways thats all i did today, my blogs have been a little bit shorter lately because ive had a lot going on lately and the days are just passing on so fast, but ill try to keep back on track with my blogs soon x

Blogmas Day 10!!!

Hello bloggers! 

So this morning at 7 am I went to work and hosted a childrens party, because I work at a bakery but also a play centre in an other room sort of thing and its joined, so on Saturdays I host children parties and it was a big party which was quiet exausting, but after a long day at work I decided to play with my kitten Catsby and then start blogging again, I also setted up my laptop so now I’m able to blog off my laptop and not just my Ipad. I was also very naughty and I have been forgetting to eat a chocolate out of my advent calender each day so this afternoon i ate like 5 chocolates at once while typing my blogs. Tomorrow I’m also going shopping wuth my family so tomorrows blog might be a blog about all the interesting items I have purchased this week.
Sorry if my blogs were too long ot too short or not so interesting but I’ll try to do it daily for now on so I can spend more time on doing it and hopfully will be more interesting.

Feel free to give me some feedback on things I need to work on and stuff because I am new to blogging! 

Love Emily X 

Blogmas Day 1 and day 2 &3!

Okay so its the first of December! Which means Christmas decorations go up, Christmas Carols play and its a fantastic month full of happines and joy! 

So December first I head down to work at 9 O’clock like I do every day and I get to work with my christmas top on and my christmas makeup look and Im ready to start a long day at work. When I arrive to work one of my work colleagues started to decorate  the bakery with tinsel and christams place mats for some of the tables and christmas tree candles (not lit of course, for safety reasons) and a cute little raindeer too. I love when its december and you can begin to be festive because it makes me feel happy and makes my day 100 times better. I even brought my christmas CDs to play in the shop all day and a few of the customers enjoyed it and sung along to the carols too. 

Day 2~ I open my advent calendar which is a kinder surprise chocolate calendar which is delicious, and I start getting ready to start my second day of december at the bakery. I decided to wear a different christmas top but I decided to have the same makeup look, I might do a seperate blog about the makeup look that ive been doing to work this december.  While I’m doing my makeup I like play some Micheal Buble’ christmas carols and jam out to his music. I arrive to work and have another crazy busy day and then arrive home to mums beautiful christmas decorations that she had placed all around our loungroom. Its not as much as she usually does but it still looks festive. 

Day 3- Its the third of December! I open another chocolate out of my kinder suprise chocolate calender and leave early in the morning at 6:45 am to start work at 7. I finish work at 3:00 in the arfternoon and I get ready to watch my niece Bella dance at her dance concert. She is only 4 and she does a great job amd Im certainly proud of her. After the dance concert we decide to have a easy dinner and go to Mc Donalds. After dinner I went home and had to watch Zoellas vlogmas which I feel as if ive been waiting forever to see! I always look forward to watch her blogs because she does so many exciting things in the month of December, for example she is in Edinborough which is in Scotland which seems pretty awesome to be at christmas time. If you haven’t watched Zoellas vlogs before I definetly recommend to go watch them. 

Anyways thats enough of me talking about my 3 days of december, I hope you’s enjoyed my blogmas so fare and I  know its been a bit late but I’ll try to keep on track from now on.

Love Emily X

My inspiration.

Hey bloggers! 

Everyone has people that they look up to and I just wanted to share what gave me the inspiration in blogging and who I look up to and whos blogs I really enjoy. 

Firstly there are two girls who really inspired me into blogging, and the first one is Zoe also known as Zoella, she is very well known as a English youtuber that lives in Britan with her boyfriend Alfie, she also does amazing blogs and she really inspired me into blogging. Another person who really inspired me is Alfies sister Poppy, she is also an incredible blogger, her photograpy in her blogs are just so beautiful and you can tell that she puts in a lot of effort to make these amazing blogs. And once I had seen poppys blogs it really gave me the inspiration to make me do blogs because it just looked so much fun and you are able to write whatever you like and its something ive been interested in doing for a while but just never really tried to make a blog, and im so glad I have because its been so much fun writing these blogs. Also Zoe has also wrote 2 books called Girl online and the sequal Girl online on tour and a third book is coming sometime November called Girl online going solo and they are just great books and I reccomend anyone to read her books because they are awesome.

I also love a few of the bloggers on wordpress, and they also give me inspiration to keep going with blogging, 

This is a few of them that are really great and I hope you girls dont mind that I share you on my blog.

So the few of my favourites are, Allthingslacquer, Kelifornia79,Beautyandjess, Emily Clare beauty, Naya’s fairytale, Abbieinwonderland, Jessica jade, Awkwardgirlbeauty, and Love,Lucy Rebecca x. They are all great blogers and they all give me great inspiration.

Anyways I hope you all liked my blog and I hope you girls dont mind me writing you on my blog, I just wanted to share to everyone that you girls are amazing.

Thakyou everyone, Love Emily x


Being a new blogger.

Hey Bloggers!!

Every blogger here once was a new blogger and the reason why I thought idd write this blog is because we all will relate in some areas of the things that come to mind when you start a blog. And Im also new to blogging too.

One thing you realise when starting a blog is that you can’t expect so many likes or comments on your blog when you have only just started.  When I started blogging I didn’t realise that It takes a lot of time and effort and you still might not get the amount of likes that you hoped for. One thing that I keep in mind when Im writing a blog is that Im not writing blogs to get heaps of likes, I write blogs because I enjoy it. And I like to share my blog with everyone else. And I tell myself that getting likes is more like a bonus to your blog and not an expectation. Also I am super happy that ten people liked my makeup blog, which might not sound heaps to some people but it means a lot to me. 
Another thing that I realise when starting a blog is that your either running out of ideas to write for your next blog or you have 10 different ideas and you just want to write all your blogs at once but then they come out rushed so then you decide not to post them until you think they are good enough to post. Also another thing that I find can be difficult is finding time to blog, working a full time job and fitting house chores and blogging can be hard at times but I always try to organise my time when I finish work  because I always like to make time for blogging because I really enjoy it and I try to make it a priority to blog atleast once a week.

There are so many things that can be challanging and exciting and interesting and fun when being a blogger.

What do you find challenging when you started your blog? And how did you overcome them? What makes you excited and what do you find interesting when making your blog. I would love to hear some feed back.

Love Emily x 

Visiting The Block!

Hello Bloggers!

On the 30th of October my family and I went to Melbourne to see the block building being revealed. It was very exciting. I got to meet a few of the casts from the block and got signatures from Will and Karlie. They were all very nice and kind. It was a very long 4 hours and a half waiting inside the que waiting to go inside the block but it was totally worth the wait. If your not sure what The Block is, it is a tv program in Australia and they have 5 partner contestants and they all get given an apartment to renovate and they all have a certain amount of time to renovate the apartments. If your unfamiliar with the show its probably best to just google it. Anyways Im very interested in the show and I hope you all like this blog and the images below but unfortunately Im unable to post any photos of inside the block as they wouldn’t allow pictures being taken inside the buildings. X

Tasmania trip and suprise Party!

Hello Bloggers!

On the 27 of October 8:10 am my brother and his girlfriend and I arrived in  Tasmania from Victoria to suprise my nan that we were coming to visit her on her 70th birthday party. All my nan had known was that it was a small dinner with a couple of people and she was definetly not expecting us. Infact the dinner she had thought that ten people were arriving was actually 50+. So when she arrived at the dinner she had gotten a massive suprise. She had everyone that she hadn’t  seen in a very long time, including us. She was very overwhelmed.  My nan hadn’t seen me in a couple of years so when she saw me she didnt actually recognise me. But the great thing is, was that everyone had enjoyed there time and everyone got to reconnect again and I also got to meet people that i hadnt met before which was great too.  I stayed with my father that also lives in Tasmania who i also hadnt seen in a while and I got to spend time with him on his farm, while we stayed in Tasmania my brother and his girlfriend and I went for a walk to look around on my dads farm. We walked in muddy puddles and went in a paddock with cows and sheep which was okay until the cows got very close towards us. Other than that we didnt really do much in Tasmania other than rest and look at places around Tasmania. One of my favourite places in Tasmania was a park in Launceston that had these very cute monkeys in a inclosure. They were the most beautiful monkeys ever, I will post a photo of the monkeys bellow. But before I knew it the weekend away in Tasmania went really quickly and I was on the plane returning back to Victoria but I have to admit there was a beautiful blue sky to look at on the way home which was great to see on the way back home.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog I know it wasn’t very exciting and I havnt been blogging lately but I have been very busy but I’m excited to start back to blogging again. X

A snowy day!

I live in a town where it barely snows, infact I think it has only snowed once since the years Ive been alive, but I wasn’t living in this town when it had snowed. My point is I had never been able to play in snow, or even feel the snow, I had seen it out of a car window but it was dark and I was unable to go out and play in it and it wasn’t thick snow either. Anyways one cold wintery day it was snowing in areas around my town, only a thirty minute drive away were this beautiful white thick snow, and to top the excitement off I got to experience a special momment playing in the snow with my Indonesion exchange student. Thats right I was hosting an exchange student the same time I got to experience the snow, and to top things off my exchange student had never seen snow because she lives in Bali where it’s always above 25 degrees, so visiting Australia in the winter was a very cold experience for her. My Mum, stepdad, my little brother and my exchange student and I arrive to a freezing street where it was full of trees and snow everywhere. So we parked the car, jumped out and just enjoyed the snow. Throwing snow balls at each other, making a snow man, and just enjoying the experience. My exchange student was very excited as it might be her only opportunity in her life to ever expereinece the snow. The snow felt amazing but it was very freezing. I had to keep running back to the car to try and warm up my hands because I felt as if I was getting frost bite on my hands. Besides the point, my snow experience was spectacular and hosting an exchange student was great fun too. I might post another blog all about the experience I had with my student.  I hope you enjoyed this blog, and if your interested in more pictures of my snowy experience I have posted photos on my Instagram which is emilyebarber. Thankyou I hope you enjoyed this and feel free to comment some tips and tricks for me as I am very new to blogging.



20 facts about me & a stormy night + a delicious chicken and salad.

Im sitting down relaxing with my family listening to the heavy rain beaming down on the roof with bright light of lightning flashing through the window. The noise of the thunder is so loud that it scares me a little. Ive never really enjoyed thunder and lightning as I find it quiet scary. And that is one fact about me. That gets me started to the 20 facts about me.

fact 1- its shown above that im terrified of thunder and lightning.

fact two- my favourite hobbies are watching youtube videos, reading,writing, playing games and watching movies.

fact three- one of my favourite things that has happend to me is doing my debutant ball with my boyfriend ive been with for a year and a half.

Fact four- Im addicted to chocolate.

fact five- Im a full time worker at a bakery doing customer service, which I enjoy so much.

fact six – I love buying clothes  and makeup but i am also saving up for a deccent computer and camera so I am able to post better quality photos for my blogs.

fact seven- A carrer I really want to pursue is being a full time youtuber.

Fact  eight – I’m 16 years of age.

fact Nine-A country I want to live in other than the country im living in now is England.

Fact Ten-  I have two brothers, a sister and a step brother and sister.

fact eleven – my favourite book is “Girl Online” by Zoe Sugg.

fact twelve- I’m afraid of big dogs.

fact thirteen – I have a quiet a few pets, I have lots of rabbits, two turtles, and a few gold fish.

fact Fourteen – My favourite music is pop and alternative music.

Fact Fifteen- people I look up to is a youtuber Zoe sugg and a blogger Poppy Deyes.

fact sixteen- my favourite types of clothes to wear are turtle necks and ripped jeans.

fact seventeen- my favourite meal to eat is steak and veggtables or a chicken scnitzel and vegtables. And my mum made this delicious meal with chicken and salad with a lite cream sauce which I will post a picture of on this blog.

fact eighteen- im more of a morning person than a night person.

fact nineteen – I have a passion of doing hair and makeup.

fact twenty- I live in Victoria Australia.