Goal setting| how to achieve your goals

Hey Bloggers,

Here is a blog on how to actually achieve your goals or to help you stay motivated and productive.

Step 1# Write your goals down. The most important thing Is to write your goals down so you don’t forget them.

Step 2# Write your goals in categories. So it might be a career goal/ financial goal, hobbies goal, fitness goal, and a house cleaning/ organisation goal.

3# Write your goals under the categories and then create a plan under these goals on ways that are going to help you achieve those goals. For example: under the finance category your goal might be saving 10,000 dollars this year, and then your plan might be putting 200 dollars in your savings each week to achieve that goal. You might even make a plan or a side hustle to help you earn more money to achieve that 10,000 dollar goal.

4# put your goals into action plan:

So every day in your journal write a to do list, and in your day try to do something that will make you closer to achieving your goal. Wether you write down making a healthy breakfast to go towards your fitness goal or going to the gym. Whatever it may be try and put at least one action plan on your to do list that will help you achieve at least one of your goals or more daily.

I hope someone has enjoyed this blog. Feel free to comment on how you are going with your 2019 goals and what your goal plan is.

Love Emily X

Inspirational thought to think today.

Hey Bloggers, how is everyone? In Australia it’s super hot, 40 degrees celsius.

But I thought I’d share with you an inspirational thought I try think about daily.

The thought is: If you truely want it you will find away to achieve it.

So many times I think to myself, I would like to eat healthy but I’m in a hurry and I choose to have something to eat that’s quick and unhealthy. Or I would like to exercise at home in the mornings but there are people I live with that a morning people and i don’t want them to see me working out. Or I want to start a new hobby or a new business but I’m scared what people are going the think, and I don’t want people to drag me down.

But if you want something so bad! You will stop making excuses and you will find a away, even if that means working super hard or starting a side hustle so you can earn enough money to purchase something you’ve been wanting for a long time. And stop thinking what other people are going to think of you, because if they have the time of the day to drag you down, well they need to do something with there own lives, because that negativity just shows what time of person that they really are, and you shouldn’t let it get you down.

Start now, on working hard to achieve those dreams that you’ve been procrastinating for the last months or years. Because you only get one shot to live your life so do what makes you happy!

I hope this has helped someone,

Love Emily X

How to be more minimalist

Hey Bloggers,

Today I thought I’d share with you what I’m currently learning how to do and that is how to be more minimalistic.

Today I will be sharing 3 things that have helped me be more minimalist.

1# wardrobe:

If you have a cluttered wardrobe, then place all your clothing and everything out of your wardrobe and place it on your bed. Now individually hold each item and create three piles, if anything that has holes or stains on it will go in the throw out pile, anything that doesn’t bring you happiness or joy put in the donate pile. And anything that sparks joy to you that fits you nicely put in the keep pile. Also keep in mind if you have a lot of clothes that you still want to keep, then what I also do is if I have 5 black long sleeve shirts I’ll minimal it down to two.

Then place all the clothing folded nicely in piles that makes you feel organised when looking into your wardrobe.

2# pantry

If your the type of person who opens your pantry and there is no organisation what’s so ever and everything’s just everywhere and not in the right spots. Then I think it’s time to start cleaning and organising your pantry. So first of all I place as much as I can on the bench and go through what I have. Stuff that is out of date gets thrown in the bin. And then the rest of it either goes into a category in the pantry that I have made or into containers. For example I’ll make a area for can food, an area for rice an area for cereal and etc. Then if you feel even more inspired, label your designated spots for certain food. That way there’s no more putting food in the wrong places.

3# desk

Is your desk full of paper work and crap!

Well then I think it’s time to organise your desk. So firstly get folders and label each folder. Bills, receipts etc. Then place all your paperwork into folders. Next have a spot for your folders so there not all scattered all over the desk. Next get all the rubbish and throw it away. And then lastly anything that is not work related that is taking too much room on your desk then can go somewhere else. Make sure you have a pencil case for all your stationary stuff. And give all your stuff and your desk a wipe down, from any build up dusk that may have gotten on your desk.

I hope these three tips on being minimalist has helped. And I hope you enjoyed the blog.

Love Emily X

My Goals | New year resolutions for 2019

Hey Bloggers,

Today I thought I’d share with you my 8 new year resolutions or goals to stick by in 2019.

1# starting a YouTube channel. I’ve been doing a lot of researching on finding my right niche and tips on how to make a YouTube channel and now I’ve just got to step out of my comfort zone and make one. I haven’t decided to just do it now or wait until I get more practice having confidence in front of a camera.

2# uploading 3 times a week on my blog.

And taking blogging more seriously.

3# travel Australia. I live in Australia but I haven’t been all around Australia yet. So in 2019 I would like to go to all the places I haven’t been before in Australia.

4# eat healthy.

5# have a minimalistic home.

6# workout three times a week

7# think more in a positive way and be more mindful.

8# stick to my journals.

New year resolutions| and how to stick to them.

Hey Bloggers,

Today I’d like to share with you 5 tips on how to stick with your resolutions.

Tip Number 1# Start today, and stop waiting for the “right” time.

It’s so easy just to sit on the couch and watch Netflix or just going straight into bed without washing your makeup off and doing a skin care routine. But we find it so difficult to eat the right foods or exercise or for me starting a YouTube channel or stick to blogging on a regular basis.

But what you have to say to yourself is, I’m another day a way from being the person I want to be, or another day away from having a YouTube channel, or another day a way from being consistent in blogging. Which may end up being a week or a month away if you simply can’t be bothered sticking to your goals.

2# Write down what is stopping you from pursuing your goals.

Is it that your scared what people are going to think of you. Is it that it seems to be to overwhelming. Is it that you don’t have a lot of knowledge about it. Or is it poor time management. Whatever it is, write it down on a piece of paper of what is stopping you from pursuing your goal and then figure out a plan.

So if it’s scared of what people will think of you, don’t be scared, because people who judge you are the people that aren’t true friends, and the people who don’t judge you are the people you know will be there by your side. And just sit down and come to a conclusion on how your going to fix the problems.

Tip number 3 time management:

A lot of resolutions don’t get complete because people believe that they don’t have enough time. Well if your goals mean a lot to you then you will find time and that might mean sacrificing your time. That might mean waking up two hours earlier to kick start your goal and dedicate that time to your goal. Or wether it’s doing your goal after school or after work or after your household has gone to bed, whatever it may be, if your goal or resolution means so much to you then you will find time. It may be not watching Netflix or tv for a while just to stick to your goal.

Tip number 4: schedule | journal

I love journals. Every morning I wake up and write a to do list on all the things I would like to complete that day and in that schedule I make in time for my resolution. This is a great and easy way to help you stay on track on what needs to be done everyday.

Tip number 5: have a timer.

Now this is a tip I have only just started and I have to say that it’s one of my favourite tips!

So what I do is dedicate half an hour on cleaning my house or whatever it may be that I want to complete and then I’ll put my timer on and keep doing that task until the timer has finished. Then I decide wether I’m enjoying the task I’m doing and keep continuing to do it or wether I then decide to reward myself a break.

So what I usually do once the timer is finished is, I’ll give myself 20 or 15 minutes to then reward myself for doing that task and I’ll use the time to do whatever I want to do. And then I’ll reset my timer and continue my next task.

I hope you enjoyed on how to stick to your New Years resolutions. These are just a couple of motivating tips that are beginning to help me.


Emily X