My favourite Christmas Vloggers| Blogmas day 6

Hey 👋

I love this time of year when I can bing watch old vlogmas videos and watch new vlogmas videos. And I thought I’d share who my favourite youtubers are when it comes to vlogmas!

1# Zoe Sugg also known as Zoella.

I love her vlogmas videos, they are my all time favourite. And I also love her vlogmas intros, I get excited every year to see her new vlogmas intro.

2# Alfie Deyes.

Alfie is Zoe’s boyfriend, he also makes great YouTube videos.

3# Mark Ferris

Mark Is awesome, he’s such a genuine funny guy, he is also friends with Zoe and Alfie which is great because a video with all three of them together is just the best Christmas blog.

4# Anastasia Kingsnorth:

I love watching Anna’s vlogmas videos. She’s got a gorgeous little brother named Atticus, and a beautiful Mum and I just love watching Anna’s vlogs when there all together. Anna is definitely one of my top 5 Youtubers.

5# Saffron Barker: I love watching Saffron’s videos and I love when she does her Christmas 24 hour challenge videos. And Christmas vlogs.

These are my top 5 favourite YouTubers who create vlogmas videos. I hope you enjoyed my blog. I have so many favourite YouTubers but I thought I’d narrow it down to 5.

Emily X

Favourite thing about last Christmas| Blogmas day 5

Hey 👋

I thought I’d share what my favourite memory from last years Christmas was.

Last December I went to Queensland and went to movie world with my boyfriend and we had heaps of fun and I thought I’d share some photos from last year.

– This was the amazing Christmas tree that was at movie world.

Here was a photo of the entrance:

And here is a photo of the beginning of the parade:

I hope you enjoyed my blog.

Emily X

My advent Calendars this year| Blogmas day 4

Hey 👋

I thought I’d share what advent calendars I am doing this year!

So this is my kinder surprise advent calendar, so everyday I get a kinder surprise chocolate 🍫

This calendar I got from Kmart last year, and my boyfriend and I put chocolates in it for each other to have every day.

And this calendar I also got from Kmart last year. My boyfriend and I write riddles for one another inside it and each day we read a riddle and the riddle will lead us to a present and my boyfriend and I get a little present each every day which is pretty fun!

I hope you enjoyed my blog, I didn’t get any makeup related calendars this year, but maybe I will next year.

Emily X

My Favourite things about Christmas| Blogmas day 3

Hey 👋

Yay I love this time of year because I love Christmas so much. These are my top 5 things I love about Christmas and the month of December.

1# giving to people: I love giving to people, and helping someone out when they need it, especially at Christmas time.

2# spending time with family: my family are super busy but on Christmas and Boxing Day we make time to have a Christmas lunch or tea together.

3# advent Calendars: who loves waking up each day and opening there advent calendars and getting chocolate, I know I certainly do.

4# Christmas baking: I love baking things for Christmas, it really makes me feel in the Christmas spirit.

5# Christmas decorating: I always look forward to December 1st when I can put up my Christmas tree, I love Christmas decorating.

Now these are my top 5 things I love about Christmas, and I’ve got to do another one, I love doing Blogmas and reading other people’s Christmas blogs and watching people’s Vlogs!

What are your favourite things about Christmas?

Emily X

Christmas Decorating and Makeup 1/2 price Black Friday Haul| Blogmas Day 1 & 2

Hello 👋

Yay! It’s the time of the year where Blogmas starts and we get to share our Christmas blogs and watch our favourite YouTubers Vlogmas videos.

I thought I’d share all the makeup products I bought on the Black Friday Sale at Priceline!

Firstly I got from Priceline was the:

– Revlon Blending eyeshadow brush $7.47

– Revlon Highlighter brush $9.97

-Revlon Blush and Contour brush $9.97

Next I got the:

– Maybelline 24 hour super stay in the colour soft Beige and I got 2 of these for $12.47 each.

– Revolution, Makeup revolution London Palette $5.60

– Revolution highlight $ 6.30

Next I got the:

– Australis Glitz palette $14.97

– Australis Mesmerise palette $12.97

– revolution palette $16.10

-revolution highlight palette $10.50

So everything all together cost me $118.79 because I also got another 4 dollars off because I had a sisters club rewards money. So the total savings from this half price sale came up to $100.79!

I hope you enjoyed my first Blogmas blog,

Emily X

Positive thought of the day| This world should be about inspiring and lifting one another up.

Hey 👋

We spend so much time on social media, scrolling through our newsfeeds on Facebook and Instagram and watching your fav YouTubers new videos, and I don’t know about you, but for me I sometimes think to myself, oh I wish I was living a life like them and feeling a little bit jealous. But now I’ve changed my perspective on the way I think when being on social media, for example when I scroll through Instagram or Facebook and I see these beautiful models and they look like there on a beautiful holiday, I think to myself, wow I like that dress that they are wearing or I think wow I would like to visit that place one day and I think positive and compliment the pictures that I am seeing. And if there is anything on social media that brings you down, all you have to do is a simple unfollow. Life is too short to be dwelling and being jealous about people’s photos and content, instead life should be about lifting one another up and complimenting and helping one another out. And that way when it comes to yourself posting on social media, you should feel the same and get the positive attitude that you share to other people 😊

I hope this positive thought of the day has made you feel more positive about social media also.

Emily X

Quote of the Day| Being Consistent is key.

Hey 👋

Today I thought I’d share what the most important thing to success is and what people seem to forget when trying to be successful.


If your not consistent on whatever your trying to achieve wether it’s a new business or cleaning up your house or whatever it is, you will not become successful because your not putting in the 100 percent effort that you could be putting in to be successful. And you have to remember that success takes time. You have to put in the effort and be consistent and be patient to be successful, once you learn to do all of those three things you will soon slowly start to be more successful. Just remember to be consistent!

I hope this has helped someone to keep them be more consistent on whatever they are trying to achieve.

Love, Emily X

Motivational quote of the day!

Hey 👋

Getting out of your comfort zone is a key to success.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do but keep putting it off because it includes getting out of your comfort zone in order to do it. Well just do it.

It could be little tasks or big tasks that might include getting out of your comfort zone, and you just need to give it a try.

For example the little tasks might be booking appointments on your own, even when you much rather sit at home and watch your favourite movie.

Or it could be bigger tasks like creating your own business or YouTube channel. Whatever it may be, you won’t get to the place you want to be if you keep postponing it day after day.

I hope this has helped someone.

Love, Emily X

Motivational Thought Of The Day!

Hey 👋

Something motivational that I’ve been thinking today is that the more you sit on the couch and wait for that something good to come around to motivate you to do that goal that you’ve been wanting to do for weeks maybe months or years, the longer your going to get that success or achievement you have been wanting.

For example, if you have been wanting to make a YouTube channel or write your own book, or make your own blogs on WordPress or make an Instagram live but you haven’t done it yet because you keep putting it off because you keep making excuses not to do it, tell yourself today is the day that I am going to kick my goals and finally do it! Here are some reasons that you probably haven’t done your goal yet.

1# your scared of what other people are going to think of you!

Answer: who cares what people think of you, people are most likely not going to judge you as much as you think, and if they do judge you they might judge you for like a couple of minutes and then there going to carry on with there day and do there own thing. And if your worried about your partner or friends and family judging you, who cares what they think either, most likely the ones who love and care about you the most aren’t going to care what your doing anyways and will love you regardless.

2# your scared of failure

Answer: things like making a YouTube channel or starting a business takes a lot of time and dedication. Your only going to fail if you don’t believe in yourself and if you give up. For example a YouTube channel could possibly take up to 3 years before you start earning money or getting views and subscribers but you have to be dedicated and keep making content and work on what works for your business or channel and what doesn’t work. You just can’t give up!

3# your worried that it’s too late.

Answer: if your worried that it’s too late to start a business simply because people have got the same idea as you and they have already done your idea, it’s not too late! Just think that clothing stores aren’t going to just shut down there stores simply because there is another clothing store, or there are too many clothing stores. Each and every clothing store has different clothes in it, so no matter how New or old your clothing business is, if that clothing business is being consistent with bringing new stock that people are enjoying people are going to continue buying clothes from that clothing store. Same with YouTube, if you want to make a YouTube channel about being an entrepreneur and living your best life and there are 100s of other people making the same content, it’s not too late to make a channel about it because people are going to like you for being you and no matter how many other entrepreneurs there are, you can still be successful if you stay consistent and not giving up.

4# you keep making up excuses.

If your making up excuses like, I don’t have time after work, or there are too many people at my house or that your too tired. You have to make time! Wether that is making a video before everyone gets up in the morning or after everyone goes to bed or if you have to go to your local park where it’s more quite, if you truely want to do something you will make time for it.

I hope this has given someone motivation, because it certainly has given me more motivation now.


Emily X

Quote of the day| change your mindset through the power of words.

Hey 👋

Today I thought I’d share a quote that I’ve been thinking about, that helps me be more of a positive person.

Quote of the day:

“Change your mindset through the power of words”, for example telling yourself you HAVE to do something makes you feel like your doing a chore and it makes you in a negative mood. Instead tell yourself I get the opportunity to do something, this makes you feel more grateful and happy about the situation.

I hope this quote has made someone in more of a better mood.


Emily X