How to feel more motivated

Hey Bloggers!

Today I thought I’d share some tips on what makes me in the mood to be more motivated.

1# rewarding yourself. So if you would much rather watch YouTube or Netflix, rather than studying or cleaning or whatever you need motivation for, what I do is put on a timer for half an hour or an hour and for that whole amount of time, I will do as much cleaning as I possibly can, and as soon as the timer goes off, it’s then time to reward myself for 15-20 minutes on whatever I fell like doing. And keep repeating until all the chores are complete.

2# making the jobs fun. Whatever the job may be, trying to make the task fun will motivate you even more to complete the task. So what I do is listen to some music and have a good time, while cleaning and getting things done.

3# watching productive/ motivational/ videos on YouTube. If I need to get the house clean I will look up productive cleaning routine on YouTube and then after I watch a video it gives me the motivation to clean and be productive.

These are my 3 tips that really help me on being motivated. I hope these tips have helped someone.

Love, Emily X

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