How to be more minimalist

Hey Bloggers,

Today I thought I’d share with you what I’m currently learning how to do and that is how to be more minimalistic.

Today I will be sharing 3 things that have helped me be more minimalist.

1# wardrobe:

If you have a cluttered wardrobe, then place all your clothing and everything out of your wardrobe and place it on your bed. Now individually hold each item and create three piles, if anything that has holes or stains on it will go in the throw out pile, anything that doesn’t bring you happiness or joy put in the donate pile. And anything that sparks joy to you that fits you nicely put in the keep pile. Also keep in mind if you have a lot of clothes that you still want to keep, then what I also do is if I have 5 black long sleeve shirts I’ll minimal it down to two.

Then place all the clothing folded nicely in piles that makes you feel organised when looking into your wardrobe.

2# pantry

If your the type of person who opens your pantry and there is no organisation what’s so ever and everything’s just everywhere and not in the right spots. Then I think it’s time to start cleaning and organising your pantry. So first of all I place as much as I can on the bench and go through what I have. Stuff that is out of date gets thrown in the bin. And then the rest of it either goes into a category in the pantry that I have made or into containers. For example I’ll make a area for can food, an area for rice an area for cereal and etc. Then if you feel even more inspired, label your designated spots for certain food. That way there’s no more putting food in the wrong places.

3# desk

Is your desk full of paper work and crap!

Well then I think it’s time to organise your desk. So firstly get folders and label each folder. Bills, receipts etc. Then place all your paperwork into folders. Next have a spot for your folders so there not all scattered all over the desk. Next get all the rubbish and throw it away. And then lastly anything that is not work related that is taking too much room on your desk then can go somewhere else. Make sure you have a pencil case for all your stationary stuff. And give all your stuff and your desk a wipe down, from any build up dusk that may have gotten on your desk.

I hope these three tips on being minimalist has helped. And I hope you enjoyed the blog.

Love Emily X

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