How To Be Happy

Hey Bloggers!

Today I thought I’d share with you my 5 Top tips on what helps me be happy.

Tip 1# changing your mindset: changing your mindset is a great way to become more happy because it could be looking at bad situations in a different point of view. For example if you just got fired from your job instead of saying “why me, I’m not good enough” and being really upset about it. You could change your mindset and think, everything happens for a reason, this is going to be a new journey and great new starts for the future, and the universe must be telling me that it’s time for new opportunities. So basically trying to have more of a positive outlook rather than negative.

Tip 2# having a gratitude Journal:

If you write 3 things that you are grateful for everyday and really think about those things that you are grateful for it will help you appreciate more things in life, and this will also make you see more of a positive outlook in life.

So it could be I’m grateful for my job for providing me income. Or I’m grateful that I have a house to live in. Or I’m grateful I have air conditioning or heating in my home. It could be absolutely anything that makes you grateful.

3# getting rid of toxic people in your life, and leaving negative energy.

If you have a negative friend that speaks to you all the time about negative things which bring you down, stop spending so much time with them, or even tell them, that your sorry but I just can’t handle anymore negativity. That way they will either realise how they are speaking towards you or they might get defensive and leave. And if they do that there probably not the right people to be spending your time with anyway.

4# do something everyday that makes you happy. Wether that’s watching a YouTube video while your having breakfast or just doing a hobby that brings you joy. Make time for it everyday, wether that’s early in the morning before work or in the afternoon after work. Just do something that makes you happy.

5# try and change your lifestyle a little. Wether that’s playing a new CD in your car on the way to work, or trying out a new recipe to cook for dinner. Stop repeating your day over and over exactly the same like a machine, you will end up getting bored and unhappy with your life. The small changes count!

I hope this has helped some people on how to be more happy. I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Love, Emily X

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