My Goals | New year resolutions for 2019

Hey Bloggers,

Today I thought I’d share with you my 8 new year resolutions or goals to stick by in 2019.

1# starting a YouTube channel. I’ve been doing a lot of researching on finding my right niche and tips on how to make a YouTube channel and now I’ve just got to step out of my comfort zone and make one. I haven’t decided to just do it now or wait until I get more practice having confidence in front of a camera.

2# uploading 3 times a week on my blog.

And taking blogging more seriously.

3# travel Australia. I live in Australia but I haven’t been all around Australia yet. So in 2019 I would like to go to all the places I haven’t been before in Australia.

4# eat healthy.

5# have a minimalistic home.

6# workout three times a week

7# think more in a positive way and be more mindful.

8# stick to my journals.

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