The things they don’t tell you when starting a blog / needing advice

Hey Bloggers!

Today is more of a chatty and advice blog. But today I thought I would share with you my experiences with blogging and the ups and downs. And before commenting anything negative on this blog, please comment and let me know if you experienced any of these and how you overcome them.

1# It takes time before you get noticed. Now don’t get me wrong I love blogging just for the fun, but when you have done it for so long it is nice to be able to get a like or a comment from time to time, and sometimes the blogs you have put a lot of effort into don’t get as many likes as you were expecting.

2# Making money- Unfortunately for me, I haven’t even made a cent in blogging, and people say it takes time and dedication which is definitely true, but it also takes a lot of research and money to spend on your blog first. For me today I spent over 200 dollars into getting a premium account which said it would come out as 9 dollars each month for two years. And I thought great! So I put my bank details in and BAM 💥 over 200 dollars came out of my account all at once.

3# How are you even suppose to make a cent doing blogs. Now I’m doing blogging for the love and the passion, but I’ve been doing some research on how to have a better blog and how to slowly start making income. I’ve spent two full days ( my weekend) trying to figure out how to make income on my blog over time, and it does not have a step to step guide, and everything I research about you have to pay more money for the things I don’t have.

4# it takes love and dedication to be a blogger!, I’m a little bummed about the fact that I can’t make my hobby into a job, because there is no rule book or website that shows me a step to step guide on how to do so. But I’m still happy to do it for the love and enjoyment I get out of it.

Anyways I’ve been doing my blog for over 2 years now. And today I changed my blog from free to premium. Can I please have some lovely bloggers out there to tell me there stories and if you are on free or premium or business on WordPress, and how your finding WordPress, and the experiences you have gone through, I would really love some advice.


Emily X

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