How To Be More Happy πŸ˜Š

Hey Bloggers,

There are days when we feel down, and feel like where getting no where. These are my top 5 tips to feel more Happy 😊

1# Write the things that get you down.

By writing down the things that get you down, you are then able to see them on a piece of paper and remove them from your head. Now focus on the things that make you happy and do something that you enjoy.

2# use that negative energy in a positive way.

For me those negative things I wrote down, I use that negative energy and I use it by cleaning the house. When I feel stressed and unhappy I used that energy and cleaned the kitchen and then I felt happy because I was satisfied that my kitchen was then clean. Another great idea to use that energy is by going for a run or working out, that way you feel satisfied and fit after doing that workout.

3# stay away from the things that bring you down.

Wether that’s toxic people or just anything that brings you down, stay away from it! Surround yourself in the things that make you happy, wether that’s reading your favourite book, or hanging out with a friend that makes you happy!

4# Write down the things you are thankful for being in your life.

For me I write down in my notebook all the things I’m thankful for, like clothes and a roof over my head and food and water to eat and drink. And really mean it and have gratitude. That way after writing it all down, it makes you feel happy and joyful and thankful for the life we are living in.

5# Try smiling.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but sometimes when I wake up a little grumpy or something happens to bring down my mood, I force a smile on my face, and 9 times out of 10 just forcing that smile on my face, automatically makes me feel more happier about life.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, please feel free to comment on what makes you feel happy!

Emily X

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