5 Top tips on how to save money ðŸ’°

Hey Bloggers,

Everyone likes to save money but sometimes has trouble doing it. Today I will be sharing my top 5 Tips on how I save money.

1# auto pay your bills: so the first thing that I do is have online banking so any bills I have I set them up as weekly, that way my bills will be taken out automatically on a certain day each week, and that way I don’t need to worry about paying my bills on time because It does it for me without me stressing about it.

2# put away a % of money weekly.

So for me I have two accounts, one that I can access, and one that I can’t. If you put a % of money away in the one you can’t access, even just 20 or 50 or 100 dollars. In the long run it will add up to be a decent amount of money by the end of the year, and you can then finally buy that car you wanted or that holiday.

3# have a change jar. Any coin that’s yours that you see laying around your house, put it all in a change jar. You will be surprised about the amount of money you save after filling that jar at the end of the year and realising that you saved 100 dollars just by all the loose coin around your house.

4# reduce the amount of eating out.

If your eating out like 3 times a week, your spending a lot of money, that you could be saving up. And takeout is usually a unhealthy option aswell. So try and reduce the amount of eating out, wether that’s only on a Sunday and you have it once a week. Or having it only once a fortnight. You will be so surprised on the amount of money you will be saving. And you might even feel more healthier and motivated without the takeaway food.

5# watch what you spend and budget:

Firstly if you have an online account, look on your history of all the things you have spent wether thats on unnecessary clothes or food. And then once you have realised the amount of money you have been spending in the past, write down a list on how you can save a lot of that money. For example budgeting the amount of groceries you spend weekly and look for the good deals. Also instead of buying a heap of clothes for the sake of it. Reward yourself either weekly or fortnightly on 1 piece of clothing that you have been wanting for a long time.

This is my top 5 tips on how to save money 💰

I hope this was helpful in any type of way. Feel free to comment your saving money tips!

Emily X

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