10 tips to make your life more interesting.

Hey Bloggers!

Today I thought Idd share how I made my life feel more interesting.

So you get up, get ready for work or school, you then go to work, come home and do homework, house work, or cooking your family dinner, you then might watch some tv and then go to bed. And you do that around five times a week every week. Then your weeks become more like a blur and feel like weeks are mushed into days, and you can’t every remember what day it is!! Well that is your brain telling you that IM BORED, and I NEED A CHANGE!!

Now I’m going to tell you my 10 tips to live a more interesting life..

1# WAKEUP EARLIER: If you wakeup at 7:45am and have to leave your house at 8:30, then realistically your not getting up earlier enough to reach your goals and look after yourself properly. Instead try waking up at 6 or if you feel even more motivated 5am, that way you have plenty of time to have “me time” before the rest of the house wakes up, this way you feel like your on top of your game, ready to start the day before everyone else disturbs your routine.

2#Change your journey to work or school. Go a different way to work or school check out the scenery, But if you can’t do that, treat yourself to a new CD in your car to jam out to, or on your IPod.

3# Try and make time to get a coffee with a friend. Or even dine in and get a coffee or hot chocolate by yourself, this way you have time to chill out and enjoy the atmosphere before starting work.

4# Get house work done in the morning. This also refers to waking up early in the morning, if you spend between half an hour to an hour in the morning non stop cleaning, you will be surprised how much house work you have done, and it’s a slight relief for when you get home from work, and you don’t have to do that pile of dishes, or that pile of washing or that messy lounge room when you get home from work.

5# Ask for help! Now this is a hard one for me but I have learnt to do it. Don’t leave yourself doing all the house work and all the errands. Ask for help from your partner or family member, what I do is get as much house work done as I can and the things I don’t get around too I’ll mention them to my partner for him to do. And make sure we do our fair share.

6# Read and meditate. Try and make time in the morning to meditate and relax your mind, that way your not going into work with a super stressed mind. Also make time to read. Reading is a great way to unwind after a busy day, I like the book “Love your life” by Dominique Bertolucci. It’s pages of different quotes about ways to love your life, it’s very inspiring and I read a page everyday.

7# exercise- something I’m still not good at, but I’m still trying! Even if it’s trying yoga or doing stretches, get your body moving when you wake up in the morning. Because it gets your blood pumping and you will feel so happy about yourself after doing some exercise.

8# Have time to yourself! Make sure you get some time to yourself daily! That way you can relax and just do what you want to do. I do this in the morning when I wake up, because the rest of the house is asleep, and I can just enjoy doing things that I want to do.

9# Write a To Do List everyday: a to do list is becoming more like a religion to me because I wake up and write a to do list on things I want to achieve in my day, in a time frame. So I write the top three things I want to achieve as a priority and then the rest is just additional things idd like to get done. If you would like me to do a blog on how I properly do my to do list, comment below and let me know!

10# do a brain teaser: get your brain thinking. Do a word search, do something that gets your brain thinking, or read a documentary and learn something new!

And that’s my top ten Tips on how to improve your life and make it more interesting!

Feel free to give me advice in the comments!

Emily X

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