Makeup I got at the Melbourne show.

Hey Bloggers today I thought I would share what showbag I got from the Melbourne show from a couple of weeks ago.

So The showbag I decided to get was the Designer brands Makeup bag. And in this show bag it has:

– Marble coloured Designer Brands makeup bag.

– Designer Brands Centre Stage 15 shade eyeshadow pallete.

– 10 dollars off Designer Brands cosmetics (online only)

– Extend A Lash, brush on lash fibres.

– Designer Brands quick colour nail polish

– Designer Brands Eye Kohl pencil.

-Designer Brands creamy matte lip crayon.

– Designer Brands tinted Gel moisturiser.

And that was all that was in the showbag!

If you would like me to upload a blog of me trying all of these products and rating them please let me know in the comments below, and feel free to like if you enjoyed this blog!

Emily x

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