Talkative Tuesday!

Hey Bloggers,

Now I was going to make Tuesday’s blogs all about conspiracy theories and mysteries, but then I thought about it for a couple of weeks and I decided I didn’t really enjoy researching and writing them as much as I love reading about them. So I decided to make Tuesday’s blogs about Books that I’m currently reading or wanting to read!

Now the first three books I’m currently interested in reading this month is-

Cordially Invited By Zoe Sugg

I am so excited to read this Book!! This book has so much inspiration and ideas for different seasons of the year!

The next book I’m planning on reading this month is ” Am I doing this right” by Tanya Hennessy.

It’s a hilarious A-Z guide to adulting from Tanya Hennessy! I’m so excited to read this book also!

And lastly, the book I want to read this month is ” Love your life” by Dominique Bertolucci.

It is full of inspirational quotes to loving your life, which is great for me, because whenever I feel doubt of unhappiness I go straight to a book like this to boost my happiness.

Now there the three books I’ll be interested in reading this month! I hope you enjoyed my blog, please feel free to comment your thoughts on these books if you have read them before.

Emily X

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