Priceline 50% off + Blogmas

Hey Beauties!

Welcome to Blogmas day 2+3 where I will share with you the amazing makeup I got from Priceline being 50% off!!!

So firstly I got the Nude by Nature loose powder for only $19.97

Next I got the Maybelline Brow Micro pencil for only 6.97

I then got the Maybelline 24 hour super stay foundation for only $12.47 and I decided to purchase two of those because they where so cheap!

I then also purchased a NYX matte lipgloss for only $7.47

I then purchased my favourite concealer which is the Maybelline age rewinder concealer for only $9.47 so I decided to purchase two of those.

I then got the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara for only $10.97

I also purchased the NYX “That’s the point” liquid eyeliner for only $8.47

I then got the NYX Dewy setting spray for only $7.47.

I also got the NYX Contour Intuitive pallet for only $12.47 ! I really love the colours in this pallet.

And then I got the Nude Limited edition brush kit which was the only product that was 40% off and not 50, but it was still super affordable so I decided to still get it and it was only $35.97

And lastly I got the Natio Bronzer which is my favour bronzer of all time for only $9.97

So for all of those 13 products ( including the products I doubled up on) overall only cost me $163.61

Which was a total savings of $151.74!!

Which I was super happy about!!

I also wanted to add that because it’s Blogmas I thought I would show you the yummy gingerbread man I ate today and the cute hot chocolate I decided to make today!!

I hope you enjoyed the Blog, and please feel free to comment wether you have tried these makeup products and what your thoughts and opinions about these makeup products are, Thankyou lovelies ❤️💄

Love, Emily X

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