What’s in my makeup Bag!

Hey bloggers!

So I have 2 makeup bags that I like to use, the first one is a plain black makeup bag which is great because it’s big, and I’ve also got this cute makeup bag which is the “Zoella just say yes” makeup bag which I love!

So in my black bag I’ve got:

– 3 in 1 moisturising makeup wipes. Which I love because there only 2 dollars from the supermarket.

–  3 in 1 Kate contour pallets.

-born this way too faced foundation.

-nudes eye shadow pallets

-NYX shadow and contour pallete

-Natio bronzer

-NYX full coverage foundation.

-maybeline foundation

– nude by nature primer

-Too faced Cocoa Contour pallete

– Matte pressed powder

-Models prefer contour brush.

And in my Zoella makeup bag I got:

Maybeline setting spray

Beauty Blender

Nude by Nature loose powder

Rimmel foundation 25 hour lasting.

NYX eye base cream

Models prefer mascara

Brow pallete

Eye liner

I hope you enjoyed the blog, if you would like to see the makeup I use for my makeup course please like and comment to let me know!

Love Emily X


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