30 facts about me! Changing Jobs, having a boyfriend.

Hey Bloggers, I done a facts about me a year ago and I thought I would give you a much updated facts about me.

1), fav food is chocolate 

2) fav colour is blush pink

3) fav pattern is marble 

4) fav type of dog is a pug.

5) i now work in a cafe not a bakery.

6) ive been with my boyfriend James for almost 3 years.

7) fav cooked food is sweet potato wedges.

8) fav movie is If i stay, The Notebook, and any Christmas movie.

9) favourite thing to drink is Tea 

10)  My boyfriend will be moving in with me in less than a month.

11) im scared of birds 

12) my fav clothing at the moment is skinny jeans and basic tees.

13) fav youtuber is  ZOELLA ( im so in love with her and Alfie).

14) my boyfriend and I love to watch Zoella and Alfies vlogs together.

15) fav book is Girl online.

16) dream job being a makeup artist and I would like to start youtube.

17) a hobbie i would like to start is uploading blogs more regularly and starting a YouTube channel ( just need to find time 😦 )

18)  I want to start getting into baking

19) fav thing to watch on netflix is 13 reasons why, also Haters back off! By Miranda Sings.

20) something I miss is being a kid and not having to work.

21) My fav desserts are scones jam and cream, and chocolate cake with cream.

22) a YouTuber im addicted to watching at the moment is Kalyn Nicholson. She is so inspiring, and motivating and I love her coffee chats.

23) my worst fear is illness. 

24) im a germafobe 

25) fav foundation is the Too faces born this way foundation. 

26) I have a birth mark on my neck.

27) I love Christmas time It makes me so happy

28) fav month is December because i have Christmas and then my baby nieces birthday on the 27th then mine on the 30th and then new years!

29) i love Christmas beetels. 

30) i have a cat named Catsby

I hope you enjoyed this blog, let me know on what you would like me to blog about next.

Love Emily x

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