What’s in my Bag! 

Hey Bloggers! So today I thought I would share with you what is in my bag! I don’t have anything too exciting as this is realistic of what I carry around and I don’t like to be carrying too much stuff! 

So the bag that I am using currently is a little pouch bag from Kmart, it was super cheap and I like the look of this bag. 

What is in my bag: 

-Ripcurl purse 

– Dollar coin. 

-Hand sanitiser

– Fantastic furniture receipt ( I am buying a elegant dressing table, that I am excited to show you guys!) 

What’s in my ripcurl purse: 

– cards 



– revelon lipstick 
So this is my receipt department:

This is my coin department: 

I’ve also got a little mirror and a cards department, and in the little plastic pockets I like to put my favourite coins in there because I like to collect coins: 

Revelon lipstick: 


And that is everything that is in my bag, it isn’t that interesting but I thought I would share what I carry in my bag, I hope you enjoyed my blog, feel free to comment, or like if you enjoyed this blog, 

Love, Emily X 

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