Makeup Brush/ Priceline Haul!

Hey Bloggers, today I thought I would share with you what I had bought at priceline.

So firstly I bought the real Techniques makeup brushes. I am so excited to use them. These where on special for $33.75 dollars which is 20% off the regular price.

Next I bought the Ecotools beauty Blenders. This cost $14.99 dollars which was super cheap so I decided to buy them.

Next I bought the Models prefer Beauty Lab Makeup brush cleaner set. This was $10.00.

And I also purchasd the Taylor Swift perfume because it was so cheap and it smells so good and its one if my favourite perfumes. This cost $19.00.

And that was all I purchased, The total came too was $77.74 which was super cheap for the amount of products I have purchased. I hope you enjoyed the Blog! Feel free to comment to tell me what you would like to see next and if you enjoyed reading the blog feel free to give it a thumbs up.

Love, Emily X

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