NYX Makeup look! 

Hey Bloggers! 

So today I would like to share with you the Nyx Makeup look I created. There will be a couple of items that arent from nyx which I do apologise but they are extremely affordable that you could by from your drugstore. 

So first I start with the Nyx Eyeshadow base, and I place this on my eye lids. 

Next I apply the purple coloured Nyx eyeshadow using “The go-to pallete”, and I apply this to my lids.

I then get the blending eye shadow brush and I use the same pallete but I use the brown colour and I blend this on my crease.  And I keep blending and adding until im satisfied with the look.

I then go back with the purple and I place it on the outer corner of my bottom lash line, and get the white coloured eye shadow using the same pallete and I place the white eye shadow on my inner corner of my eyes.

And then I use a volume and lengthening mascara, unfortunately this is not Nyx but it is super cheap. When I apply my mascara I blink as I am applying it because it dosent look clumpy and I find that my lashes also look longer. 

I then apply the Nyx concealer and place it around my eyes and on any spots.

I then fill in my brows with the Nyx eyebrow pallete and I only use the shade on the left, and when I apply it I start applying it starting in the middle and then to the end and then with any left over powder I place at the front of my brow, just to try and make my brows look more natural. 

Next I apply my foundation, and I just apply the Maybeline foundation, because unfortunately I dont own a nyx foundation, Maybeline foundation is also really afordable too. I just put spots of foundation all over my face and blend it with a beauty blender, I dab and not rub and I find that the best way to apply foundation.

Once the foundation is blended beautifully I then grab the Nude by nature loose powder and I apply that all over my face with a powder brush to set my foundation.

Next I apply the yellow powder in the nyx highlight and contour pro pallet and I get a generous amount of powder on my brush and apply that under my eyes.

Then I grab the lighter brown powder using the same pallete and place that on my cheek bones.

Then I grab the Nyx go-to pallete and place the blush on my check bones and blend using a contour brush.

Then using the same pallete I use the highlighter and place that above the blush, and on the nose and on the forehead. And then I go back with the Nyx contour pallete and I use that highlighter and place it in the same place as the other highlighter just to ad that extra shiny highlighted look. I also place that highlighter under the brow to help shape the brow and to make it look more neat. 

Last of all I just use the kate lipstick in a nude colour i think it is and apply that to my lips and thats all for my makeup look today. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog, feel free to like and comment below what you would like to see next.

Love Emily X 

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