Having Exchange students.

Hey bloggers! I havent posted in a while but I thought I would share whats been going on, and share a really amazing experience being a host to exchange students. 

So on the first of July I got the opportunity to host two girl exchange students, a girl from Finland and a girl from Italy. I hosted them for three weeks and then they went away onto this camp for a week before flying home. Fortunately I got the opportunity to host one of our exchange students one week longer which was great because I got to get to know her even more. 

If you dont know what exchange students are and if your unsure what hosting means, it is when you welcome a person from another country into your home for a certain amount of time and the student gets to learn what it is like to live in the country that they have been hosted in. So my exchange students experienced a lot of things what its like to be in Australia, like trying Timtams and Vegemite and other Australian foods. Its really interesting about learning about each others cultures. They also got to experience Australian wild life and see kangaroos, koalas, wombats, Echidnas and much more.

We also took them to Melbourne Victoria Market and they got to buy a lot of souvenirs.  They also went to a lot of different places in Victoria with their camp. 

I really recommend having exchange students or being an exchange student because you get to make friends with the most lovely people and you can keep in touch and visit each other in the future. And you learn so much from hosting an exchange student. 

I hope you enjoyed this Blog!

Love, Emily. X

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