Happy Mothers Day to all the mums!!

Today is mothers day, the day we celebrate to our mums to show how much we appreciate them being in our lives. Today I bought mum a card and bought her a Pandora bead. (She doesn’t know about the bead yet because she hasn’t opened her present yet because its at my sisters place because we went halves on buying it). And I made mum breaky in bed and helped her with the house chores.

All mum wanted for breakfast today was raison toast so I cut up some thick slices of raison toast and gave it to her, I also cut up some Cinnamon loaf and Boston bun and we all sat in mums bed and all shared and ate it all.

And then tonight we are going to have dinner with all the family and have silverside with veggies and Yorkshire pudding as my mum Is English and its one of her faves!

Anyways that’s all for the blog today, I know it isn’t very exciting but I’d thought I would do a blog when I had a chance.

What are you doing for mothers day?

And what did you get for your mum?

Love Emily XO

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