Starting a beauty course/ why I haven’t been blogging much.

So I haven’t been blogging lately and I thought I would share to you why I haven’t and what has been happening in my life.

So first of all I left school almost 12 months ago because I really didn’t enjoy school. So I decided to work full time instead. When I first left school I thought It was great and life would be super easy but working full time can be very exhausting too.

So I work full time, 5 days a week at a bakery, and I have Wednesdays and Sundays off. So On Wednesdays and Sundays I try to make the most of my days. I still have family and friends that I like to spend time with and I have house chores that I don’t get too much time to do throughout the week and I have been trying to catch up on some rest, plus doing what I love, writing blogs. But  unfortunately I haven’t been doing too much, because I have been quiet busy and to top off my busy life I have decided to start an online beauty course at the Academy of Beauty in Melbourne too, which I’m really passionate to do. I have always wanted to be a Makeup artist, and to be starting a course to be a makeup artist makes me really excited.

So  I’m going to be even busier, but I’m going to have a diary and start and prioritise on what I need to do In that day, weather that is spending a few hours on my blogs or if it is studying for my course. I will start a routine so I have a bit of time for everything, because I love blogging and I am not going to give blogging up.

So If you don’t know I live in a country town two hours away form Melbourne, where my course Is. So I will have to travel every second week on a Wednesday to Melbourne to do my workshops, which is more of the hands on working side. Which wont be too hard because my boyfriend travels to Melbourne three times a week to uni and he doesn’t have a trouble with travelling.

Anyways Sorry for the boring long blog but I thought I would give you an Idea on what has been happening in my life lately.

Love Emily XO.

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