Drugstore Makeup Tutorial.

So on my recent post I did a blog about all the Drugstore Makeup I had purchased.

So today I am going to do a tutorial about the makeup that I had bought.

So First I started with Concealer. I just put the concealer under my eyes and over any spots and pimples and marks I don’t like all over my face.

The next thing is foundation. I apply this all over my face with a foundation brush. I put three squirts on my hand and then dab my brush into it and then apply all over my face.

Once it is all over my face I then apply powder. And the powder that I am using is the australis Fresh and Flawless pressed powder and I apply this with a powder brush  and I just dap it all over my face more then a rub, so it doesn’t rub away any foundation. I mainly put it under my eyes more than any other place and it just makes it feel more set and it gives my face a little more of a glow.

The next thing I do is a contour, now I didn’t buy this in my recent blog but it is a drugstore contour so I thought I would use it anyway. So I use my contour brush and I use the brown powder which is the contour and I apply this just under and a little bit on my cheek bone and I use a more up and down motion or you could call it side to side motion more than a swirly motion. And I also apply this coming up to my forehead and along the top of my forehead too.

Next I use the blush that I had brought in my recent blog. But I didn’t take any photos of me applying this unfortunately, but I just apply this on my cheek bone and I also do it in a up and down motion and I don’t put too much blush on, otherwise it looks like you have really pink cheeks.

The next thing I use is the highlighter and I apply this just under the brow, and above the cheek bones, a little on my nose and a little on my forehead. So at the moment it looks like this.

16295884_1232590663456964_279795587_nSo next I use eye shadow, so first I apply the white shade on my eyelids with the thin small brush, and then I use the shinny brown shadow and I apply this with the thick side which is the blending side and I apply this on the crease of my eye lid and then start moving it out towards the outside of my face a little bit, if that makes any sense.

Next I use eye liner, now this was the first time I ever used liquid eyeliner, but now I love it. And I just apply this as neat as I can across my eyelid and then I just done a little flick. I wasn’t game enough to try and do a nice cats eye when it was the first time using liquid eyeliner. Then I apply Mascara I use two different mascaras because I think it looks nice when using the two together. So first I apply the Maybeline Lash sensational Mascara and then on top of that I use the models prefer sky high Mascara.

And then I do brows, so what I used for the brows was the Master brow pro pallet, and it is a three in one pallet, so first you start with is wax and shape, so you shape the eye brows to how you want them to be, and second is the filler to fill your brows in and I just do that by colouring them in and making them look a little more fuller and shaping them the way I want them to look. And next is the highlight, which you use to apply under the brow to just finish your brows and make them look nicer.

So now this is what my face looks like.16402210_1232590220123675_93437910_nAnd Lastly I just applied a lipstick, I should of got more of a brown colour than a pink, but that was the first one I picked up and used.16343589_1232589543457076_980634541_n

And that was my end result.

It was my very first time doing a tutorial like this, so I’m still learning and I only used my phone instead of my camera because my camera doesn’t have a flip screen to see what I’m doing, so when I save up more money and more practice, Ill be able to do better quality Images.

Thankyou for reading and please give me feed back and let me know what you would like me to blog about next, I hope you enjoyed this.

Love Emily XO


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