Getting A New Dog

So last Friday I got a Saint Bernard dog she is almost two years old and she is the most cutest dog ever! She is very big and takes up a lot of space but you just got to love her because she is the most placid and calmest dog you could ever meet. She doesn’t eat a lot of her food, she would rather just eat what everyone else is eating instead. She absolutely loves my little brother Jackson as you can see in my Featured Image above and she loves just laying under the air cooler because in Australia it is super hot in summer and can reach up to 40 degrees.

I know this is a super short blog but I thought I would mention the new member to the family of our home. I hope you enjoyed this blog, and feel free to comment bellow what dog you guys have or if you don’t have any dogs what kind of dog you wish you had.

Love Emily XO

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