Stationary Haul

Hey Bloggers!

If you had read my New years resolution blog you will know that one of my resolutions was to be more organised. So to help me be more organised I was going to buy planners and little things to help me be more motivated in being more organised. So today I’m going to show you my different planners and things that I have purchased in helping me be more organised.

So the first thing I purchased from the two dollar store was these cute little pots/containers. I am planning to use these two organise my makeup or makeup brushes or putting some beauty things in them like all my moisturisers and bath bombs. I just wanted to organise my beauty draw in my bedroom because its started to look very cluttered and not very organised looking.

dscf0135Secondly I purchased this monthly planner to help me be more organised and to know what is going on in my busy schedule for the whole month.dscf0133Next I purchased this cute little marble Journal that I write my ideas on what to blog about and just things that I would like to write to get them off my mind.dscf0131

The next thing I got is this awesome Food and exercise food planner that I absolute love. Inside of it, it has on one page Breakfast, snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner and snack and then it has your beverages and water in take and then right on the bottom it has a calories box where you write how many calories you had in that day. And then on the other side it has your exercise page where it has Strength training and what time you start and finish and your duration and then it has what you are focusing on that day wether your focusing on your legs, chest, shoulders, abs etc. underneath that part it has your cardio, start finish and duration and what type of things your going to do for your cardio and then it has the time of your class if your taking a class and then your flexibility and then you write in the summary on how you feel  and your total time of exercise and cardio and your totals on how many calories you burned. And then right on the bottom it has how you feel and you tick the box whether you feel Amazing! Good, so so, tired, injured, or opps Missed it! And that’s all about my diet and exercise book.

dscf0129I also got a weekly planner so I have a planner that is more in depth than just my monthly planner on what will be happening in that week. Like my house chores and all those  things that I need to be reminded about.dscf0125

And that is the end of my stationary haul. I hope you enjoyed this blog and please give me some feed back as I am still quiet new to blogging and I’m still trying to use my new camera. Thanks guys!

Love, Emily XO

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