Zoella products.

Hey Bloggers! Today I’m going to show you a few of the Zoella products that I received for my Birthday almost 2 weeks ago.

So the first thing that I received was a Zoella T-shirt that I absolutely love so much and love wearing. dscf0090The second thing that I received was a Zoella pillow case that is also one of my favourites.

dscf0089And lastly I received Zoellas new book called Girl Online ‘Going Solo’ I also received a book called FanGirl which is not by Zoella but I’ve been told that its something similar to Girl Online and that it is also a really good book to read, but I haven’t read it yet so if anyone has read this book please comment and let me know if you thought it was like girl online and if it is a good book or not. I also received a kitten book mark with the FanGirl book which I love because the kitten is similar to my little kitten Catsby.


Thankyou for reading! Sorry that this Blog is a bit small, and also it was my first time using my new camera that I got for Christmas, hopefully I get better at using my camera and the images improve. And feel free to give me feedback, I would really appreciate it.

Love Emily xo

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