New years resolutions.

Hey Bloggers! So it’s the first of January so you know what that means, it means silly jokes about not doing something since last year and all of those ridiculous jokes. It also means people begin to do resolutions.

My Resolutions this year is more focusing on being organised. Every other year it has been going on a diet or stop eating chocolate, but lets face it, it might only last for a day or two and then that go’s out the door because chocolate is just amazing! So I thought about it and this years resolutions are not going to be about food because I’ve already had chocolate today anyway.

So some things that I bought to help me being organised are cute diary’s and planners to help me use them and be more organised. I also organised and decorated my desk to motivate me in using that too.

Another resolution I would like to do is Blog more and take more time into my blog and use the camera that I got for Christmas to take better quality photos for the blog.

Another resolution I thought about doing is starting to Vlog as well as blogging, I’m thinking about doing this when I get my week off work on the 8th of January, I think that would be a perfect time to kick it off and give it a try. I’ve always wanted to do Vlogging for a couple of years now but I’ve just always used the excuse of not having the right equipment and not having the best room setup and all of those excuses.

Another resolution is starting to exercise more, I am planning just to do a hard work out in my room three to four times a week just so I feel better about myself and feel a little more fit.

That’s the end of my resolutions, what are your resolutions this year?

Love, Emily xo



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