Merry Christmas/Birthday/New years/becoming an aunty to another little girl.

Hey Bloggers!

I hope everyone had a fantastic night with friends and family celebrating the last of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. And also I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got spoilt and had a delicious Christmas lunch and dinner.

So on the 25th it was Christmas. I went to my boyfriend’s house for Christmas lunch and it was amazing. We opened up our presents and then had a beautiful roast Ham, Chicken and Turkey with delicious roast vegetables and for dessert we had an option out of Pavlova, Trifle, Christmas pudding and I also made these cute festive chocolate truffles with green and red balls and the red balls where cherry ripe and the green were peppermint and I also made a few of the original truffles for the people who would just prefer the normal ones. I was going to make a blog about it but unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the end result so there was no point in doing a step by step tutorial.

On the 27th at 11:50pm my sister Tash welcomed her new baby girl into the world named Isla. She is gorgeous and I love her very much. I am a very proud Aunty to little baby Isla.

Then on the 30th of December it was my birthday! I went ten pin bowling and Go Karting and we also went to Pizza Hut and had all you can eat. I had an awesome day celebrating with family and friends. I also got a free hat from the Go karting people because It was my birthday and I also had the quickest time against our team as well.

I’ve had a busy week this week and it was full of joy and happiness but unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the things that I had been doing in the last few week and I haven’t been blogging that much lately, but one of my new years resolutions is to blog more and take more photos on the things that are happening around me so I can share with all of you bloggers.

Happy New years everyone!

Love, Emily xo




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