Blogmas 6 7 8 9 and 10 

Blogmas 6 Christmas movies.

So on the 6 th I decided to purchase some Christmas movies to watch this Christmas. I haven’t watched these movies yet but im very excited to be watching them. Let me know if you have watched any of these movies and if there any good or not. Ill show a picture of them bellow.


Blogmas 7 Relaxing day and purchasing an X box. 

So on the seventh of December I decided to have a relaxing day with my boyfriend as he was going away on a holiday the next day for nine days which means I was unable to see him for a little while, so I thought it would be great just to have a relaxing day with him before he went away on his holiday. My boyfriend and I also decided to go shopping and I decided to buy an X box. It was pretty cheap and it came with 3 games and a movie so it was a great purchase. I didnt do anything else that day other than spend time with my boyfriend and setting up the X box.  

Blogmas day 8 saying bye to my boyfriend and Buying a laptop and the sims!!

So on the 8th of December I decided to go and buy a laptop and buy the Sims four. It was also the day I had to say bye to my boyfriend while he went on his holiday. This is what the Sims four looks like, and let me know if the game is any good because Ive never played it before.

Blogmas day 9

Today after work I decided to go shopping (ive been doing that a lot lately) and I bought a colette hayman bag which if you dont know what kind of bag brand it is, it is a shop that sells really nice expensive looking bags for cheap. I got this draw string bag i think you would call it and i got a coin purse for half price too. I was very happy with my purchase, i will have to do a blog on some of the things ive been purchasing lately because i have spent a quiet a bit this week. And Just Jeans also had a sale so it was 2 pairs of jeans for 60 dollars which i thoughtbwas a pretty good deal aswell. Anyways thats all i did today, my blogs have been a little bit shorter lately because ive had a lot going on lately and the days are just passing on so fast, but ill try to keep back on track with my blogs soon x

Blogmas Day 10!!!

Hello bloggers! 

So this morning at 7 am I went to work and hosted a childrens party, because I work at a bakery but also a play centre in an other room sort of thing and its joined, so on Saturdays I host children parties and it was a big party which was quiet exausting, but after a long day at work I decided to play with my kitten Catsby and then start blogging again, I also setted up my laptop so now I’m able to blog off my laptop and not just my Ipad. I was also very naughty and I have been forgetting to eat a chocolate out of my advent calender each day so this afternoon i ate like 5 chocolates at once while typing my blogs. Tomorrow I’m also going shopping wuth my family so tomorrows blog might be a blog about all the interesting items I have purchased this week.
Sorry if my blogs were too long ot too short or not so interesting but I’ll try to do it daily for now on so I can spend more time on doing it and hopfully will be more interesting.

Feel free to give me some feedback on things I need to work on and stuff because I am new to blogging! 

Love Emily X 

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