Blogmas 5 Christmas for her

Blogmas 5 Christmas Ideas for her

Hey everyone, I was thinking about gift Ideas for mainly girls that they will use all the time and   not just for the Christmas time and what came to my mind was perfume. For me its a common present I give to girls but any girl can not get enough perfume and everyone loves to smell nice. At Priceline which is a pharmacy in Australia they always have great sales when it comes to christmas. And it has amazing perfume for as cheap as 20 dollars. So I did fill up my basket full of perfume for gifts for family and friends. Another great idea for a small gift for someone is nice scented candals, everyone likes a nice smelling house so I had bought christmas candals wrapped in cellophane which makes it a really nice christmas gift too.  Also a great present but a little more expensive is pandora. A lot of girls love pandora,  and I definitely put that on my christmas list for this year, and it dosent have to be expensive either because you can buy beads for like 30 dollars and there are great deals when it comes to Christmas time too.

I’ll put some photos down below of the perfumes that I purchased at Priceline.

I hope I gave some of you a good idea on what to give someone for christmas.

Love Emily X

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