Blogmas Day 4 / Day of remembering :(

Hello guys! Its another day closer to christmas and its the 4th of december. Today has brought me a lot of happines amd sadness and I thought I would share what has happened throughout my day today. So I wake up this morning being so thankful that its Sunday because it means its my day off from work! But I had to look after my little brother all day but it wasn’t too bad of a day. I tried to get some house chores done but I also wanted to chill out for the morning and watch a new movie. So my boyfriend James and I watched Bad Moms while looking after my brother. By the time Bad Moms was over time had flown and it was almost time to go to my nieces second dance concert. So I got my little brother and myself ready and then we went to the dance concert. After the dance concert had finished I then went home and I realised it was a very sad day, its the day that a very close friend of mine had past away last year. So today has also been a day with heaps of tears but also a day of remebering her and the memories I had with her and I miss her more than words can describe. Anyways honestly I havent done much more than what Ive shared with you all so I hope you enjoyed my Blog today.

Love Emily X 

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