Blogmas Day 1 and day 2 &3!

Okay so its the first of December! Which means Christmas decorations go up, Christmas Carols play and its a fantastic month full of happines and joy! 

So December first I head down to work at 9 O’clock like I do every day and I get to work with my christmas top on and my christmas makeup look and Im ready to start a long day at work. When I arrive to work one of my work colleagues started to decorate  the bakery with tinsel and christams place mats for some of the tables and christmas tree candles (not lit of course, for safety reasons) and a cute little raindeer too. I love when its december and you can begin to be festive because it makes me feel happy and makes my day 100 times better. I even brought my christmas CDs to play in the shop all day and a few of the customers enjoyed it and sung along to the carols too. 

Day 2~ I open my advent calendar which is a kinder surprise chocolate calendar which is delicious, and I start getting ready to start my second day of december at the bakery. I decided to wear a different christmas top but I decided to have the same makeup look, I might do a seperate blog about the makeup look that ive been doing to work this december.  While I’m doing my makeup I like play some Micheal Buble’ christmas carols and jam out to his music. I arrive to work and have another crazy busy day and then arrive home to mums beautiful christmas decorations that she had placed all around our loungroom. Its not as much as she usually does but it still looks festive. 

Day 3- Its the third of December! I open another chocolate out of my kinder suprise chocolate calender and leave early in the morning at 6:45 am to start work at 7. I finish work at 3:00 in the arfternoon and I get ready to watch my niece Bella dance at her dance concert. She is only 4 and she does a great job amd Im certainly proud of her. After the dance concert we decide to have a easy dinner and go to Mc Donalds. After dinner I went home and had to watch Zoellas vlogmas which I feel as if ive been waiting forever to see! I always look forward to watch her blogs because she does so many exciting things in the month of December, for example she is in Edinborough which is in Scotland which seems pretty awesome to be at christmas time. If you haven’t watched Zoellas vlogs before I definetly recommend to go watch them. 

Anyways thats enough of me talking about my 3 days of december, I hope you’s enjoyed my blogmas so fare and I  know its been a bit late but I’ll try to keep on track from now on.

Love Emily X

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