Why I haven’t blogged this  week. And getting a kitten!

So as you know by the title, I haven’t blogged recently and the reason for that is because I got to bring home a beautiful brown and white kitten on friday. I named him Catsby. And he gets very spoilt by me, as I love that little furry animal to pieces. I also work full time at a bakery so I start in the morning every day and dont get home until tea time and all my attention has been looking after the new addition to the family. So my life has been very busy lately, but I havent forgotten about blogging its just finding time for it as I’m not a night person and I like to be in bed by nine, ten latest but thats when I’m pushing it and I get grumpy the next day. Anyways by having a kitten to look after,it gave me a lot more independence then I had before, because its not like having a goldfish hiding away in a bowl not making a noise and you can get away with not feeding it for a couple of days, its totally different, when I took him home the first couple of nights he would cry all night, and it made me feel so sad but in a few days he got use to his new home and he’s a very happy boy. My cat is an outside cat he lives in an enclosure outside but it has a nice closed in cosy bed for him so he doesn’t get cold and scared throughout the night and he had a lot of room to play in throughout the day. Anyways that is all I’m going yo talk about tonight, sorry if it wasn’t that exciting but I thought I would share to you why I haven’t been blogging lately. 

Feel free to share in the comments if you have a cat and what its name is and what your cats favourite thing is. Catsby’s favourite toy is the pretend mouse on a stick and his climbing frame.       Love Emily X 

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