Priceline Makeup 40% off sale!!!

Hey everyone!!

So last week I went into Priceline which Is an Australian chemist that also sells makeup and it is very popular in Australia. And Priceline had a great 40% off sale so I decided to purchase a few things.

Firstly I got this Modelsprefer Professional Mineral Bronzer. It is such a great bronzer for a very cheap price, and I love it. If you don’t put to much on it looks great and its not cakey at all.


Secondly I bought a foundation and the foundation that I bought is the Loreal True match foundation. I haven’t used this foundation yet but Ive been told that the foundation has a pretty great coverage. 

I also bought two concealers, the first concealer I bought is the Rimeel Match Perfection concealer. And the second concealer I bought is the Maybeline Master conceal. They both work very great. The Match perfection concealer is also a highlighting concealer so I apply that after my foundation because it makes my face a little highlighted too. 


The next thing I bought was two mascaras, the first mascara I got was the sky high mascara, which I already had shown in my last makeup blog, and the other mascara I had bought was the Rimeel Day 2 mascara which is a two in one mascara, one part volumises the lashes and the other lenghtens the lashes. I use to use this mascara and it has always worked great for me. 

Next I bought the Maybeline Master contour kit, a slightly different shade then I bought last time and I haven’t used it yet but the colour looks pretty. 

Next I got a couple of  lip glosses and a lipstick. The lip glosses are the brand Models prefer, they are super pretty and glossy and they last for while before rubbing off. And the lip stick is the brand Maybeline I think and its the colour peach poppy, number 745. It is a very cute colour.

 These are the products that I had bought on the 40% off sale, and it was totally worth it. The makeup only cost me $100.

I hope you all enjoyed!

Emily x

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