My inspiration.

Hey bloggers! 

Everyone has people that they look up to and I just wanted to share what gave me the inspiration in blogging and who I look up to and whos blogs I really enjoy. 

Firstly there are two girls who really inspired me into blogging, and the first one is Zoe also known as Zoella, she is very well known as a English youtuber that lives in Britan with her boyfriend Alfie, she also does amazing blogs and she really inspired me into blogging. Another person who really inspired me is Alfies sister Poppy, she is also an incredible blogger, her photograpy in her blogs are just so beautiful and you can tell that she puts in a lot of effort to make these amazing blogs. And once I had seen poppys blogs it really gave me the inspiration to make me do blogs because it just looked so much fun and you are able to write whatever you like and its something ive been interested in doing for a while but just never really tried to make a blog, and im so glad I have because its been so much fun writing these blogs. Also Zoe has also wrote 2 books called Girl online and the sequal Girl online on tour and a third book is coming sometime November called Girl online going solo and they are just great books and I reccomend anyone to read her books because they are awesome.

I also love a few of the bloggers on wordpress, and they also give me inspiration to keep going with blogging, 

This is a few of them that are really great and I hope you girls dont mind that I share you on my blog.

So the few of my favourites are, Allthingslacquer, Kelifornia79,Beautyandjess, Emily Clare beauty, Naya’s fairytale, Abbieinwonderland, Jessica jade, Awkwardgirlbeauty, and Love,Lucy Rebecca x. They are all great blogers and they all give me great inspiration.

Anyways I hope you all liked my blog and I hope you girls dont mind me writing you on my blog, I just wanted to share to everyone that you girls are amazing.

Thakyou everyone, Love Emily x


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