Being a new blogger.

Hey Bloggers!!

Every blogger here once was a new blogger and the reason why I thought idd write this blog is because we all will relate in some areas of the things that come to mind when you start a blog. And Im also new to blogging too.

One thing you realise when starting a blog is that you can’t expect so many likes or comments on your blog when you have only just started.  When I started blogging I didn’t realise that It takes a lot of time and effort and you still might not get the amount of likes that you hoped for. One thing that I keep in mind when Im writing a blog is that Im not writing blogs to get heaps of likes, I write blogs because I enjoy it. And I like to share my blog with everyone else. And I tell myself that getting likes is more like a bonus to your blog and not an expectation. Also I am super happy that ten people liked my makeup blog, which might not sound heaps to some people but it means a lot to me. 
Another thing that I realise when starting a blog is that your either running out of ideas to write for your next blog or you have 10 different ideas and you just want to write all your blogs at once but then they come out rushed so then you decide not to post them until you think they are good enough to post. Also another thing that I find can be difficult is finding time to blog, working a full time job and fitting house chores and blogging can be hard at times but I always try to organise my time when I finish work  because I always like to make time for blogging because I really enjoy it and I try to make it a priority to blog atleast once a week.

There are so many things that can be challanging and exciting and interesting and fun when being a blogger.

What do you find challenging when you started your blog? And how did you overcome them? What makes you excited and what do you find interesting when making your blog. I would love to hear some feed back.

Love Emily x 

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