My Daily makeup!

Hello everyone, today I want to show you what makeup I use on a daily basis, like to work or just on a casual day. I hope you enjoy this blog!

So firstly I use a concealer. The concealer I use is the ‘Maybeline Newyork Instant Age Rewind’ in the colour ivory/light. I apply this concealer under the dark circles around my eyes and any spots that are on my face. image

Secondly I use a foundation, now i have a few different foundations and I like to change foundations a quiet a bit. The first foundation that I like to use is the 24 hour super stay in the colour ivory. The second foundation that I like to use is the dream velvet foundation in the colour classic Ivory. And thirdly I really like to use the Maybeline age rewinder foundation in the colour ivory aswell.
The brush I like to use to apply my concealer and foundation is a brush that I got from  a website called “Wish” and it is a website that sells lots of different things for a very cheap price and the makeup brush works great. img_0942

After I apply my foundation I like to put a press powder over my foundation. The press powder I use is the “Maybeline Matt Maker” powder, I apply this all over my face.
After I apply my powder If Im looking really pail I like to apply a bronzer, I usually only use this when I have had a tan or have put on fake tan so my face looks even with the rest of my body. The bronzer I use is the ” Maybeline dream sun bronzing powder” and I apply this on my forhead, cheek bones, jaw line and a little on the neck area, it isnt very dark and it takes a bit of bronzer until you finally see it on your face.

To apply the bronzer and pressed powder I use a powder brush that I bought from a chemist Priceline and its the brand models prefer.

After  I apply bronzer I countour with the “Maybeline master contour kit”.

After I contour I use a highlighter on my cheeks which is a Modelsprefer highlighter, it is very shimmering and I absolutely love it!

After I do all that I focus on my eyes. I use 2 different mascaras, I put on the “Lash sensational” mascara on first and then I apply the models prefer sky high secondly, it makes my lashes a lot longer and it looks great with the both used together.

After that I fill in my brows with the “Maybeline brow satin”  which I personally love, It is double ended and with one end it is a pencil and the other end is like a spongy time of pencil which makes your brows look more real.

And to finish off my basic makeup I put on this basic lipgloss which is called “baby balm” and it comes out slightly pink and nice and glossy.

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