Tasmania trip and suprise Party!

Hello Bloggers!

On the 27 of October 8:10 am my brother and his girlfriend and I arrived in  Tasmania from Victoria to suprise my nan that we were coming to visit her on her 70th birthday party. All my nan had known was that it was a small dinner with a couple of people and she was definetly not expecting us. Infact the dinner she had thought that ten people were arriving was actually 50+. So when she arrived at the dinner she had gotten a massive suprise. She had everyone that she hadn’t  seen in a very long time, including us. She was very overwhelmed.  My nan hadn’t seen me in a couple of years so when she saw me she didnt actually recognise me. But the great thing is, was that everyone had enjoyed there time and everyone got to reconnect again and I also got to meet people that i hadnt met before which was great too.  I stayed with my father that also lives in Tasmania who i also hadnt seen in a while and I got to spend time with him on his farm, while we stayed in Tasmania my brother and his girlfriend and I went for a walk to look around on my dads farm. We walked in muddy puddles and went in a paddock with cows and sheep which was okay until the cows got very close towards us. Other than that we didnt really do much in Tasmania other than rest and look at places around Tasmania. One of my favourite places in Tasmania was a park in Launceston that had these very cute monkeys in a inclosure. They were the most beautiful monkeys ever, I will post a photo of the monkeys bellow. But before I knew it the weekend away in Tasmania went really quickly and I was on the plane returning back to Victoria but I have to admit there was a beautiful blue sky to look at on the way home which was great to see on the way back home.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog I know it wasn’t very exciting and I havnt been blogging lately but I have been very busy but I’m excited to start back to blogging again. X

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