A snowy day!

I live in a town where it barely snows, infact I think it has only snowed once since the years Ive been alive, but I wasn’t living in this town when it had snowed. My point is I had never been able to play in snow, or even feel the snow, I had seen it out of a car window but it was dark and I was unable to go out and play in it and it wasn’t thick snow either. Anyways one cold wintery day it was snowing in areas around my town, only a thirty minute drive away were this beautiful white thick snow, and to top the excitement off I got to experience a special momment playing in the snow with my Indonesion exchange student. Thats right I was hosting an exchange student the same time I got to experience the snow, and to top things off my exchange student had never seen snow because she lives in Bali where it’s always above 25 degrees, so visiting Australia in the winter was a very cold experience for her. My Mum, stepdad, my little brother and my exchange student and I arrive to a freezing street where it was full of trees and snow everywhere. So we parked the car, jumped out and just enjoyed the snow. Throwing snow balls at each other, making a snow man, and just enjoying the experience. My exchange student was very excited as it might be her only opportunity in her life to ever expereinece the snow. The snow felt amazing but it was very freezing. I had to keep running back to the car to try and warm up my hands because I felt as if I was getting frost bite on my hands. Besides the point, my snow experience was spectacular and hosting an exchange student was great fun too. I might post another blog all about the experience I had with my student.  I hope you enjoyed this blog, and if your interested in more pictures of my snowy experience I have posted photos on my Instagram which is emilyebarber. Thankyou I hope you enjoyed this and feel free to comment some tips and tricks for me as I am very new to blogging.



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