20 facts about me & a stormy night + a delicious chicken and salad.

Im sitting down relaxing with my family listening to the heavy rain beaming down on the roof with bright light of lightning flashing through the window. The noise of the thunder is so loud that it scares me a little. Ive never really enjoyed thunder and lightning as I find it quiet scary. And that is one fact about me. That gets me started to the 20 facts about me.

fact 1- its shown above that im terrified of thunder and lightning.

fact two- my favourite hobbies are watching youtube videos, reading,writing, playing games and watching movies.

fact three- one of my favourite things that has happend to me is doing my debutant ball with my boyfriend ive been with for a year and a half.

Fact four- Im addicted to chocolate.

fact five- Im a full time worker at a bakery doing customer service, which I enjoy so much.

fact six – I love buying clothes  and makeup but i am also saving up for a deccent computer and camera so I am able to post better quality photos for my blogs.

fact seven- A carrer I really want to pursue is being a full time youtuber.

Fact  eight – I’m 16 years of age.

fact Nine-A country I want to live in other than the country im living in now is England.

Fact Ten-  I have two brothers, a sister and a step brother and sister.

fact eleven – my favourite book is “Girl Online” by Zoe Sugg.

fact twelve- I’m afraid of big dogs.

fact thirteen – I have a quiet a few pets, I have lots of rabbits, two turtles, and a few gold fish.

fact Fourteen – My favourite music is pop and alternative music.

Fact Fifteen- people I look up to is a youtuber Zoe sugg and a blogger Poppy Deyes.

fact sixteen- my favourite types of clothes to wear are turtle necks and ripped jeans.

fact seventeen- my favourite meal to eat is steak and veggtables or a chicken scnitzel and vegtables. And my mum made this delicious meal with chicken and salad with a lite cream sauce which I will post a picture of on this blog.

fact eighteen- im more of a morning person than a night person.

fact nineteen – I have a passion of doing hair and makeup.

fact twenty- I live in Victoria Australia.



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